Monthly Archives: June 2017

Summer Celebration

SILGers are invited to Past President/Current Treasurer Ashley’s house next week for some summer fun! Ashley will provide smoked brisket, green beans and mac-n-cheese. YUMMY! Members should bring a side dish to share and any special beverage they wish. When: Wednesday, June 28th after work (5:15 or so…). Where: 10603 Emily Drive, Island City.  Please come celebrate our great club year by mingling with other SILGers – and if you have a member prospect, this is a great opportunity for them to get to know us a little!

Gold Stars

Congrats and “participation awards” for these members that set records attending SILG meetings this last year: Past/President Ashley, President/Elect Tori, Past Secretary Vicky, Tressa and Jacque. Gold stars all around!  SILG has many members that cannot make meetings, but fully support our club in other ways and at other times – we are thankful for you all!

Thank a Committee Chair Today

SILG Committee Chairs are the unsung heroes of our club – often their work is done behind the scenes and when an event is successful, we move on to the next. Take a moment to thank the committee chairs you may know, and consider stepping into this great opportunity for club leadership next year. It’s not a hard role, but it is a commitment to our great club, and we APPRECIATE IT! Patricia Wood, Kristi Puckett, Di Larsen-Hill, Shannon Carter Willmarth, Jacquelyn Fenn Harvey, Tressa Comer Seydel, Marilyn Fallow, Tori Brock Gandy, Melinda Wells, Pepper HuxollRebecca Grote Loman, are some of the committee chairs…apologies for anyone who was missed. Send email to Tressa to update!

Committee Sign Ups & Directory Pictures

President Tori has the Committee Sign Up sheet if you haven’t made your picks yet. Members are encouraged to commit to 1-3 committees to keep our club running smoothly and also to stay involved! Tori and Di will be reaching out this month to determine Committee Chairs, and as Tori reminded us yesterday – the Chair really just convenes the meetings and keeps things moving, but IS NOT responsible to do everything. 🙂  If you are a new member and aren’t sure which to choose, talk to Tori or another member to learn more, or, pick a committee with someone you know – the buddy system! If you would like a new picture in the club directory, please email a head shot to Tori no later than June 30th.

Travel Gift Fun

Shannon will be coordinating the return of our Travel Gift program for next year. When SILGers travel hither and yon this summer, they are encouraged to pick up a memento to bring back to club. Travel Gifts have generally been auctioned off at meetings, with the proceeds raised going into the club general fund. These mementos might be wine, chocolate, coasters, clothing, location souvenirs, food goods, tshirts, pretty much anything goes! There is no expectation that the item be super expensive, just if you see something you want to bring home and share! When it comes time to auction, gift givers are asked to wrap/disguise the item, and include a note about where it came from and why you thought it would be a good travel gift. If you have any questions, contact Shannon.

Tons of June Anniversaries!

June is a big month…Congrats on your SILG Anniversary: Peggy Anthony 2016, Nancy Comstock 2010, Tori Gandy 2005, Jacque Harvey 2014, Shayla Hewitt 2015, Mary Horn 2016, Sam LeBold 2016, Robin Maxon 2015, Fam Moulton 2015, Maria Moulton, 2015, Deana Travis 2015, Ashley Walker 2012, Andrea Waldrop 2016, Pat Wood 2005

SILG This Week

June 8 is Business Meeting and new leadership Installation, plus the last formal meeting of our year! Committee sign-ups and new pictures for the directory also available. We’ll plan a BBQ for later in June to celebrate our efforts, and one another!

Volunteer Opportunity

A letter from Suzy Mayes, Central Principal, with an invitation for a volunteer opportunity:

Central teachers have been working extremely hard at dealing with a massive amount of testing, plus implementing end of the year field trips and activities for the students. They are working very hard to keep normality in the classroom on the students behalf, but are certainly stressed on how they are going to pack up their classrooms in just a few days. 90% of the teachers have not begun to pack up their classrooms because education is a priority. I’m very proud of their attitude!

Because of this, I would like to show them my support by having volunteers come in and help them pack up their classrooms or unpack their classrooms when we move into the new school.  I was advised to reach out to service organizations and our PTA members. We need volunteers to help take classroom chairs to the gym, sort through closets, take down bulletin boards, and help pack.  Most of the teachers want to take their time and purge during this time so volunteers can help them with other tasks while they sort.


June 8 & 9    Anytime between 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

June 12 – 16  Anytime between 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

August 14, 15, and 16 Anytime between 7:30 to 3:30 pm