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Club Health via Conference, By Di

Sometimes change is painful – but without change there is no growth.
Service clubs and organizations everywhere are struggling with growing pains – trying to find a palatable way to work with multi-generational needs, wishes and desires.
In the first time since I joined Soroptimists back in 1983, we have about 7 decades represented in our membership, and that takes a lot of juggling, compromise and willingness to continue moving forward to further our mission of improving the lives of women and girls.
One of the break-out sessions at District 3 Conference in Yakima was “Member Experience: Ensuring the Thrill of Victory Rather than the Agony of Defeat.”
Former Governor Carol Hansen asked us “what’s it going to take to ensure all your players get their head in the game? If you think you can simply tell members “Just Do It” then you’re out in left field.
She encouraged us all to take a hard look at our club membership and develop strategies for an engaged membership – a positive club environment full of creativity and excitement that provides a role for each and every member.”
Another session “We’re on the Same Team so why can’t we get along?” posed this familiar scenario “You’ve decided to join a new team or a new group. You’re excited and inspired because the group are all like-minded and are working toward a common goal AND everyone seems to get along and really like each other. Everyone is going to love your enthusiasm and your ideas and you can’t wait to share AND THEN IT HAPPENS! The subtle put-downs – negative comments – eye rolls and more. You have just entered the “Mean Girls Dimension.”
We are all guilty of these actions from time to time, so it’s important that we talk about these sensitive topics and recognize that we need to work on being more inclusive. We need to be more respectful of others’ opinions and ideas, and avoid the easy retort “we’ve already tried that and it didn’t work. “Been there – done that.”
We “seasoned” members need to expand on those quick answers by explaining why something didn’t work, and our newer members could then pitch in with variations of that “old” idea using modern technology and techniques that would work today. Bottom line – there needs to be more discussion with all sides heard before we vote on important matters.
I’m definitely not saying that our Club’s traditions and legacy should be packed in mothballs and stored away forever. We need to celebrate our roots and all of the accomplishments of those who came before us. But we need to welcome the new generations and their enthusiastic ideas and energy.
So how about it fellow SI members? Let’s make this a year of rediscovery of where we came from and where we are headed – together as a fine-tuned machine. And let’s have fun doing it!!! Are you all with me?


Panel of Awesomeness

Be prepared to work hard…Schedule calendar time for YOU…Learn how to say no. These were just a few of the gems shared at today’s club meeting by panelists Mary Lou, Tori and Mary, as they responded to a series of thought-provoking questions about being a woman in our community, in business and as a community leader. Club members present included Shayla H., Jacque, Tressa, Shayla R., Andrea, Di, Marilyn, and Shannon, all of whom also participated by adding their perspectives to some of the questions. We were fortunate to have two guests, Mika and Amber, who also contributed their experiences. It was a phenomenal discussion, and an opportunity to get to know club members and guests better, as well as share tips and some quite practical advice for success as women leaders, professionals, partners and supportive friends. A huge thank you to our panelists – we may need to do this again, there were many questions we didn’t get to and the discussion and shared energy was really a great thing! Fabulous way to spend lunchtime.

Deadline approaching for SILG Live Your Dream Award

The Live Your Dream Award provides women who serve as the primary wage earners for their families with the financial resources to offset costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education or additional skills and training.  Recipients can use the award for tuition, books, childcare, carfare or any other education-related expense.  There are two club level awards for 2017: one $2000 award and one $3000 award.  Local recipients become eligible for region-level awards up to $10,000!  Please help spread the word to solicit applications for the November 15th deadline.  Contact Rebecca at 541-663-2101 or email for the application packet.

Boots & Socks Distribution

Boots & Socks will be distributed to local families, along with the Lions Coats at the Riveria Activity Center this Saturday (Oct. 28) and next (Nov. 4). SILG members are needed to help with this very rewarding and busy process. If you can, let Pat Wood know you can be there. Otherwise, show up at RAC by 8:30 on either Saturday. The event runs until 12noon each of the two days, with some clean-up afterwards. If you can only volunteer part of that time – it’s still very much appreciated!!!

Festival of Trees Committee Update

Festival of Trees Committee meets each Tuesday from now until the event, 12noon at Denny’s in their meeting room. All SILG members are welcome and encouraged to attend! The FOT Committee steers the ship, but it takes all SILG members to pull off this massive fundraiser. Here are some key things to know, and watch for:

All members are responsible for selling FOT Raffle Tickets (21 total). Di has your envelope and you can make arrangements to get them by calling or emailing her, or attending club this week. We no longer mail these out due to the size/shape/postage cost. They are an easy sell since the items are great!

Gala tickets were pre-sold to past major buyers, which almost brought us to immediate sell-out – even with a slight ticket price increase. There are only a handful of Gala tickets left – please contact Mary Horn via email, phone or text immediately if you wish to purchase Gala tickets. Members who wish to attend without buying a ticket (or in the event of total sellout) may either sign-up to help at the Gala itself, or come and watch from the back,  just bypassing the meal (but open bar!).

Speaking of sign-ups…Ashley will circulate the event sign-up sheet at the November business meeting (November 9th) and also electronically, so watch for it if you can’t make it to meeting that day. If you already know when and how you want to help, contact Ashley directly anytime.

The Saturday Family Day subcommittee could use two more members to help with the moving parts. This is a great way for new members to get involved! Contact Fam Moulton if you are interested.



The second most often reason cited for membership in SILG, after “doing good for my community” is “networking with other women in my community.” At club this week, listen to and participate in a panel discussion featuring three SILGers as they present their experience as women, in business, in our community over the years. Mary Lou, Mary, and President Tori will share how their businesses have supported our community, and how our community has shaped their business outlook. CHALLENGE: bring a friend – and YOUR perspective – to this fascinating opportunity for networking and support! 

October 19 Meeting Highlights

Tori and Di stepped up and lead club yesterday in a thoughtful, valuable activity and discussion yesterday, when our guest speaker had an emergency and could not join us. This is the strength of our club – together, making it happen! We learned about Conference highlights, met a potential new member, and did an activity around respect and inclusion in the SIA club setting. It was a great activity and subsequent conversation – thank you to all who participated and shared, including Marilyn, Melinda, Brittany, Shayla R., Rebecca, Vicky, Tressa and Jacque.

Tori and Di also shared some highlights from conference last weekend (Kristi and Shannon also attended, but couldn’t get to club). In a related topic, President Tori’s installation theme was “How Does Our SILG Garden Grow?” President Tori is doing an awesome job at nurturing our club along this year (aided by her trusty board, committee chairs, and all of the SILG membership). Conference attendees noted that once again, they were proud of our club’s accomplishments and inclusiveness when they represented SILG at conference last weekend. Remember to share your own sunshine and connect with club members on a regular basis – it’s healthy for you, AND for our club!

SILG Today

SILG Today: Guest Speaker Cami Miller with the Charm Collaborative, a new recipient of FOT funds through Community Grants. Cami will discuss how her program supports women and girls in our community. Please plan to attend and bring a friend to help spread the good word!

SILG Boots & Socks prep

Crisp fall mornings and the changing of the leaves signal that it’s time for SILG members to round up donations of new or gently used boots, socks, hats, and gloves for our Boots & Socks distribution! Those of us with kids or grandkids can clean out those sizes that no longer fit our kiddos and watch the smiles on the faces of the children who walk away with them at distribution time. It’s a favorite event for many of our members to know these children can cope with the winter weather thanks to our efforts, in conjunction with the local Lions Club giving Coats for Kids. Having a scarce supply of boots after what was given out last year, we have collection boxes at local banks for the public to make donations and we have over 200 pair on order from Wal-Mart (who gives us a great discount in support of our program). Keep an eye out for great deals during shopping ventures!

A work party will be scheduled soon to move shelves and inventory back into our room at Riveria School and sort inventory by size.  Distribution dates are typically the last Saturday in October and first Saturday in November. Our committee chair will confirm these dates soon and there will be an opportunity for all members to sign-up to help.  Stay tuned!

SILG October Meetings


October 12 – Monthly Business Meeting. President Tori will lead us through a full agenda and rumor has it there will be birthday treats…friends welcome.

October 19 – Guest Speaker Cami Miller, with NEON’s Charm Collaborative. This is a first time recipient of the Festival funding, so lots to learn about how this group will use the funds to support women and girls in Union County. The Community Grants Committee is very careful about where those grants go, so you know this will be inspiring. Bring a friend!

October 26 – The second most often reason cited for club membership after “doing good for my community” is “networking with other women in my community.” This meeting features a panel discussion as three members present their experience as women in business in our community over the years. Mary Lou, President Tori, and Mary will share how their businesses have supported our community, and how our community has shaped their business outlook. Bring a friend – and YOUR perspective – to this fascinating opportunity for networking and support!