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New Member Spotlight: Jessica

Let’s get to know new member Jessica B!

My hometown is…. Imbler, Oregon (insert heart emoji)

What do you want other members to know MOST about who you are?  I take a lot of pride in this little town and I am always willing to lend a hand!

#1 reason you joined Soroptimist?  Growing up in this area, I saw firsthand how many young girls can really use the help that Soroptimist provides and I wanted to be a part of that!

Snack you always have in your desk or purse? Goldfish!

What did you want to be when you were growing up and why?  Future life goals?  A farmer! I am 6th generation farm kid and would still love to take over the family farm someday.  I would also like to own my own insurance agency.

What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?  Coffee!

Best vacation yet?  Future dream vacation?  Best vacation yet is Dallas, Texas.  Future dream vacation is Nashville, Tennessee.

Anything else exciting, interesting, or unusual about you or your life?  I recently moved home to Union County after two years in Montana.  When I am not working, I am usually in the mountains with my two best friends; my 12-year old brother and my puppy, Macy.

We are excited to have you join our efforts. Thank you, Jessica!

Small Donations Committee Update


Members: Tressa Seydel, Rebecca Loman, Mary Lou Dean, Patty Gooderham

The Small Donations Committee normally has $650 each club year, with any amount over $250 needing a full club vote. We received a request in late summer to support the GRAY project at the Pioneer Park Softball/Baseball Fields and granted a $201 carryover from last year’s committee to match funds for a sink.

If members are aware of community groups or projects in need of small amounts of funds to benefit our community, they may facilitate letters of request to either President Di or committee chair Tressa for consideration.

Marketing Committee Update


Members: Tressa Seydel, Shayla Hewitt, Andrea Waldrop, Rebecca Loman, Peggy Anthony

The Marketing Committee supports the overall promotion of the club: brochure, application, website/blog, and Facebook. In honor of the new “Being a Soroptimist is as Easy as 1-2-3!” the brochure was turned into a half-sheet card (kind of like a recipe card) by Rebecca and Peggy and it looks great! The application was slightly revised and is now available for download and is fillable.

In order to support the change to the meeting structure, most posts and blog entries will highlight the 1-2-3- theme this year.  Marketing Committee members also divvied up blog topics for regular posting entries. If club committees need any additional support marketing events or activities, they can reach out to anyone on the committee.

Meetings Committee Update


Members: Tori Gandy, Shannon Wilmarth, Mary Horn, Patty Gooderham, Marilyn Fallow, Tressa Seydel

This new club year also brings a new meeting schedule – It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to be a Soroptimist!

We have had two meetings and you will find a complete schedule in your directory. The third meetings of the month are all designed to offer an opportunity to get to know one another better, and learn more about Soroptimists, a specific SI event or something happening in our community and give those who can’t make noon meetings an opportunity to get involved monthly.

Our first 3rd Thursday meeting is September 20th at 6pm at Grand Ronde Hospital. Patrick Flynn, the GR Hospital Foundation Manager will present information on the new 3D mammography machine and some details about the impact our donation has made.

Boots & Socks Committee Update


Meeting: 9/13/18

Committee: Pat Wood, Brenda Bell, Maria Moulton, Fam Moulton, Shayla Rollins, Rebecca Loman, Susan Lemon, Angie Neill, Jessica Cromer

Lion’s Club contact: Larry Glaze

Budget: $5000.00

Purchases to date: $147.99

(8) Boots @ JCP 95.24 (23) Gloves @ WM 11.50 (5) Boots @ Maurices 41.25

Remaining balance: $4852.01

Distribution Days: October 27 & Nov 3 8:30 to 12:30

270 pair distributed in 2017

97 pair left after distribution

146 pair on-hand now, due to after-season purchases and donations

Need to order:


Scholarships & Awards Committee update

As we kick-off our new Soroptimist club year, the Scholarships & Awards Committee had our first meeting on August 27th.  We discussed the Live Your Dream Award, as we are currently accepting applications and have a new online platform to use–please share the award info with anyone who needs it!  We also talked about streamlining the scholarship applications and divided duties amongst committee members for various club awards!  For more details on discussion, click here for our meeting notes 2018_08_27.  Contact Rebecca if you’d like to join the committee!