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Final Words from President Di

THANK YOU to my officers and board members, all the committee chairs and the entire club for helping make this a fun and productive year.

My emphasis this year was getting back to basics, and re-energizing our club. Thanks to all of you in this room we accomplished that and so much more.

We re-designed our program, reducing the number of meetings to one Board meeting, and one Business meeting, and one evening event to work around all of our very busy schedules. The marketing committee designed our Easy as 1-2-3 catch phrase, and overall the new approach was very successful. We will continue to modify it as we continue to grow and develop.

We moved our meeting place to Dennys, and even though it seemed a bit cramped at times, I truly believe the new setting was cozy and inviting, and for whatever reason, our attendance this year went way up.

Incoming President Shannon will put her own spin on this aspect, and I know it will be a huge hit.

We set our sights on recruiting ten new members – Done

Those new members represent new ideas, energy and enthusiasm. It is my hope that President Shannon takes up the challenge to induct another ten new members next year.

We focused on what makes our club run smoothly, and we improved on some areas – We established a new incentive program for recruitment – reducing our yearly dues and supplementing that budget line item with funds from our Oregon Community Foundation endowments. Happy members equates to a healthy club.

Thanks to Fam and her fantastic committee, we had our first Dream It Be It Program, and it was a huge success, setting the stage for many more to come.

We raised beaucoup bucks with Raise Your Paddle and our June Breakfast to allow us to present 12 Union County students with wonderful scholarships.

Our Festival of Trees continues to serve as the social soiree of the season, and a large number of non-profit groups benefit from our hard work.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your President this year. As I said at the beginning of this year, our Soroptimist Club is such a key part of our community, and we all make a huge difference is so many lives. We should be so proud of our achievements and contributions and we sang out loud and proud this year – Soroptimists of La Grande!!

Now, just a small token of my appreciation for my officers and board members: Shannon, Ashley, Andrea, Shirley, Tori, Fam, Rebecca, Tressa.

Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication to Soroptimistism and our mission. We made a great team and I love you all.

Summer Soroptimist Anniversaries

Congratulations to our tremendous crowd of summer Soroptimist Anniversaries!

June 2005 – Tori Gandy, Pat Wood

June 2010 – Nancy Comstock

June 2012 – Ashley Walker

June 2014 – Jacque Harvey

June 2015 – Shayla Hewitt, Fam Moulton, Maria Moulton

June 2016 – Peggy Anthony, Mary Horn, Sam LeBold, Andrea Waldrop

June 2017 – Vicky Hart

June 2018 – Jessica Cromer, Angie Neill, Teresa Roberts

July 1995 – Teresa Penninger

July 2007 – Tressa Seydel

August 2013 – Shannon Willmarth