Monthly Archives: January 2020

Community Grants – Short Term Opening

The Community Projects Grant Committee is in need of one SILG member to join the committee for the 2020 Community Project Grant Funding application review in April.  This would be one evening for a couple hours, date TBD.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact either President Shannon or Committee Chair Jacque Harvey as soon as possible.

Calling All Sale Shoppers!

‘Tis the season for winter sales to be happening! The Boots & Socks Committee is asking members to keep an eye out for deals on boots and socks, particularly children’s boots, when you are browsing department stores or online sales. You can purchase reasonably priced items and get reimbursed by the club, make donations of these items, or contact chair Pat Wood (or any committee member listed in your membership book) to purchase items as you find them locally.

We gave out almost 300 pairs of boots last fall and depleted most of our inventory. We have more remaining pairs of boots in boys’ toddler sizes 1, 2, & 3, and girls’ youth 7 & 8, than other sizes. Adult sizes are also needed, as we gave out many of these to teens in addition to parents this year. Water resistant and warm styles are best!

Thank you for turning on your shopping radar. Go forth and find sales!

Blues? What Blues?

We’ve all heard about chasing the winter blues away – how about not even letting them set in? Winter months can be challenging for many reasons, so here are some ideas to make them a little easier…

ADAPT – Just jump in! Yes, it’s cold and snowy or wet. So find an activity or a hobby you can do in this or that weather and enjoy it anyway. Get the right gear (buy, borrow or rent), find a friend and go out into the elements – you may discover a whole new world.

DRESS – Brightly. Give up the grays, browns and blacks and use winter to shine a little light and wear brighter colors. If you are dressed like a tropical flower, won’t you feel like one?

HEALTH – Talk to your doctor about vitamin D or Seasonal Affective Disorder if you are concerned and think you may need some additional boosting.

ENJOY – Make a list of all the movies and books you’ve put off watching and reading, and start ticking them off! Host a movie marathon with friends or family. Ask coworkers for recommendations or start a book group.

RESEARCH – Studies show that being around happy people, makes people happier. Look for and consider the positive things, and share them with others.

NEW – Learning something new forces our brains to grow. This is a good thing! Consider finally learning how to do that one thing you’ve always put off.

PROJECT – Winter is the perfect time to either start or finish (or start AND finish) a big project, most likely indoors. Organize your kitchen? Paint the basement? Decorate? Plan a fantastic trip somewhere?

EXPERIMENT – Food takes on special meaning in the winter, especially with crock pots and instant pots and soups and stews and baking and…yum. Try new recipes and old favorites and everything in-between!

LIGHT – There’s something about a fire in the winter. If you don’t have a fireplace, light a candle, or nowadays turn on an electric or battery-operated version of either. Get a warm beverage, a blanket, and contemplate everything or nothing while enjoying the glow.


SILG April Save the Dates!

Save the Date for our Oregon Trail Area Meeting with Baker City SI and Wallowa County SI on April 4th in Baker City, time TBA. Watch for more detail as we get closer!

Save the Date for our Northwest Regional Conference in Renton, Washington, on April 16-19. We will have a full conference packet in February but the conference is being held at the Hyatt Regency.

SILG In The New Year

January 9 – SILG Business Meeting at Denny’s – All Members, 12noon

January 16 – SILG Social/Activity at Member Rebecca Loman’s, 5:30pm. Please bring and appetizer or beverage to share. This is a great way to learn more about SILG and get to know other members better! Watch your email for address and details!

January 23 & 30 – No planned SILG meeting or activity at this time

Upcoming Festival of Trees Committee Debrief Meeting, watch for date/time announcement!