Monthly Archives: March 2020

News Alert – SILG Pause

There will be no SILG meetings or activities until at least April 15th at the request of SIA, in response to the COVID19 situation around the nation and the globe. Please wash your hands, maintain social distancing, and stay healthy. Watch your email for updates – and please feel free to share any!


Love fluffy flapjacks? Here’s another meeting at Dennys so you can fill up!

Breakfast in the Park meeting – Monday, March 9th, 12noon

If you are on this committee, please attend. If you are not on this committee, but are curious, please attend. All club members do sell tickets and are required to work a shift at this event since it’s a primary scholarship fundraiser for our club, so if you want to get a headstart and voice an opinion or two, or have some new ideas…the committee would love to see you on Monday!

March Brief

Today (March 5) is the SILG Board meeting and all members are encouraged to attend – 12noon at Dennys. It’s a great opportunity to learn how our club works!

March 12 is the SILG Business meeting – 12noon, Dennys – and our members have the chance to catch up on club business, welcome any new members, and get inspired by all things Soroptimist! Add it to your calendars today so you don’t forget. 🙂