Monthly Archives: April 2020

Wait, It’s Still Winter?

Since it still resembles Winter outside (at least today), we certainly should and can freely celebrate the Winter Soroptimist Anniversaries!

Barb Crouch, member since 1975

Brenda Bell, member since 1997

Shaneen Bergette, member since 1983

Di Lyn Larsen-Hill, member since 1983

Tayde McAndie, member since 2019

Yvonne Roberts, member since 2014

Dixie Stonebreaker, member since 2019


Falling Down

We all fall down on the job periodically, and just have to get back up again. For example, with all the best of intentions, my goal was/is to post “Soroptimist Anniversaries” each season, and yet, when I looked back, I fell down after summer…Fall must have been busy! And Winter really zoomed by, too! So, since it’s now Spring outside (but who can tell by today’s weather?) I’d like to catch up in this season of re-birth and forgiveness. But, let’s go back to the beginning and celebrate properly, with the Soroptimists that have a Fall Anniversary! (Tressa)

Fall Soroptimist Anniversaries:

Gerry Braseth-Palmer, member since 1978

Marilyn Fallow, member since 1994

Patty Gooderham, member since 1980

Edna Henderson, member since 2006

Andrea Lofton, member since 2018

Rebecca Loman, member since 2004

Brittany Pryce, member since 2016

Shirley Roberts, member since 1990

Shayla Rollins, member since 2016

Jennifer Williams, member since 2018