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Gooderham Congrats

Kara Gooderham is an SILG scholarship recipient, receiving a 2020-2021 EOU Continuation Scholarship. Kara is from La Grande and would like to thank her parents, grandparents and close friends for their never-ending support. Kara says “I am thankful to have people in my life who have always held me to a high standard and taught me to work hard and to challenge myself.”

Kara is currently pursuing a degree in Biology at Eastern Oregon University. After her undergraduate degree is complete,  Kara plans to obtain a masters degree in Communication Disorders/Speech & Language Pathology. Kara is also a member of the women’s soccer team at EOU. The team won the Cascade Collegiate Conference Championship again this year and made it to the Elite 8 Round of the NAIA National Tournament in Alabama.

When asked why this career, Kara explained, “My future career goal is to become a Speech & Language Pathologist in a rehab setting. I have done the MedQuest Program through EOU as well as several job shadows and volunteer hours. I enjoy the wide variety of patients that a Speech & Language Pathologist may work with and helping people regain or maintain their independence and quality of life.”

Kara’s summer plans include taking a couple of classes, working, enjoying the outdoors through boating, hiking, camping and spending time with her family and friends.

And what has Kara learned about herself in the last few months? “I have learned a lot! With the restrictions and stay-at-home order I have definitely learned to not take things for granted, and that sometimes you will have disappointment in your life and things won’t always go the way you want. This time has been a gift in some ways as it forced myself and others to slow down and appreciate the things and people in our lives.”

In closing Kara said she is “appreciative of the scholarship from the Soroptimist’s of La Grande and proud to be connected to an organization that does so much on behalf of women – thank you again.”

Jensen Congrats

Kristal Jensen is an SILG scholarship recipient, receiving a 2020-2021 High School Scholarship. Kristal is from La Grande and says her biggest support comes from her family, especially her “amazing parents Rick and Lisa Jensen.” Kristal also said that she would not have achieved some of her biggest accomplishments if not for the amazing teaching staff at La Grande High School, as well as her wonderful swim coach of many years,  Darrin Dutto.

This fall Kristal will be attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona,  studying to receive a bachelors degree in Athletic Training. Ultimately Kristal would like to continue her education after completing the undergraduate degree to become a Physical Therapist. When asked why this career, Kristal said, “I am passionate about this career path because I have firsthand experience of how these professionals can help change people’s lives as well as helping them through tough times and painful injuries.”

This summer Kristal will be working as a caregiver at a local adult foster home as well as working at the local pool when it finally reopens. In her free time she plans on hitting the gym with friends, going hiking, hanging out at the lakes and rivers and spending lots of time with family and friends before leaving to go to college.

What has Kristal learned in the last few months? “Amidst our current global pandemic and the many stay-at-home orders we’ve received, I’ve learned how much of a true extrovert I am. I cannot wait until it’s safe once again to go out and see whomever you want and to give those you care about big hugs! I’ve also learned that I can exercise in ways other them swimming and lifting. Since the pools and gyms have closed down, I have resorted to riding my bike as well as teaching myself how to skateboard!”

In closing, Kristal would like to say that she is “so honored to be chosen as a recipient of the Soroptimist International of La Grande scholarship.”


Carson Congrats

Alaina Carson is an SILG Scholarship Recipient, receiving an EOU Continuation Scholarship for 2020-2021. Alaina is from La Grande and would like to recognize her family
for always being so encouraging and raising her to strive to be a hard worker, and most
of all her fiance who supports her in all of her hopes and aspirations.

Alaina plans to complete her bachelor’s degree at Eastern Oregon University and major in Health and Human Performance with a Concentration in Community Health, then continue her education in graduate school to become a certified Dietician.

When asked why this career, Alaina said: “I participate in softball at EOU. From my sport and courses in school I have become very interested in health. Specifically, the two classes that motivated me the most to pursue this degree were Anatomy & Physiology with Dr.
Shaun Cain, and Nutrition with Dr. Kyle Pfaffenbach. I also volunteer at Heart N’ Home
Hospice and Palliative Care and I have seen my patients’ health deteriorate, and some
of that is due to a poor diet early in their adulthood. Therefore, I’m pursuing a degree in
Dietetics to educate individuals how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

This summer Alaina plans to obtain a part-time job to save up money for the
upcoming school year. Alaina is also getting married in September and is very excited to
start life with now-fiance/then-husband (Lewis Wright). Alaina also has a raft trip planned with family and friends down the Deschutes River.

When asked “What have you learned about yourself in recent months?” Alaina responded with, “I have found it to be a big transition adjusting to the lifestyle of a college athlete. Before the remainder of my season was cancelled I finally found a routine where I was able to get enough sleep, finish my studies, and work hard for a starting position on my sports team.  But now I am very excited to take on my Sophomore year as a college athlete.”

In closing, Alaina says she is very thankful for the La Grande Soroptimist organization for financially supporting a variety of people through their education. “Thank you for your time and dedication to the amazing community of Union County!”

SILG Scholarships Announced

The SILG Scholarship Committee is happy to announce the 20-21 scholarship recipients, a very worthy group. This year we are unable to host our annual luncheon, but instead hope to individually feature the recipients on our blog and FB page to recognize their achievements and wish them well! We’d also like to especially thank our generous community, without whose support of our events, specifically the past June Breakfast and Festival of Trees, make our scholarships possible. Read on and congrats to our recipients!

EOU Senior Scholarship – Karley Witten

EOU Continuing Scholarship – Kara Gooderham, Emily Andrews, Alaina Carson

High School Scholarships – Katie Perry, Josie Bornstedt, Kristal Jensen, Sophia Madsen