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Perry Congrats

Katie Perry is an SILG scholarship recipient, receiving a 2020-2021 High School Scholarship. Katie is from La Grande, a graduate of La Grande High School, and would like to take this time to recognize her mom, dad, and siblings (Carter, Landon, Brooke, Tyler) by saying “they are the best family ever!”

Katie is headed to Brigham Young University to earn a bachelor’s degree in Biology and then pursue a doctorate’s degree in radiology followed by a residency. When asked why this particular career path, Katie explained that she would like to be a radiologist because of her love of science, challenging herself, and helping other people.

Katie’s plan for this summer includes working, helping remodel the family house, self-improvement, and outdoor adventures!

What has Katie learned about herself in recent months? “My worth is not measured by my accomplishments because there are things that are much more important! The more I focus on the most important things, like serving others, the happier I am.”

In closing, Katie said “I’m honored and indescribably grateful to be a recipient of this Soroptimist scholarship! I’m so grateful for the generosity that’s empowering me to achieve my goals and make a difference in the world!”

Andrews Congrats

Emily Andrews is an SILG scholarship recipient, receiving a 2020-2021 EOU Continuation Scholarship. Emily is from La Grande and would like to recognize and thank her family, specifically parents Brenda and Jerad Andrews, for always supporting her and encouraging her dreams, as well as Soroptimist Int’l of La Grande for believing in her and helping further her education.

Emily is currently a Junior attending Eastern Oregon University, studying to receive a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English, and a minor in English for Speakers of Other Languages. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Emily plans to attend EOU in order to pursue her Masters degree in teaching.

When asked why this career, Emily said: “After I finish college I want to stay in the U.S. post- graduation and teach English at the high school level. Simultaneously, I would like to teach English classes in the evenings for non-native speakers wanting to improve their linguistic skills. Teaching has always been a dream of mine because I want to inspire others and show them the importance of education. I want to make a difference and I think the best way to do that would be through teaching.”

This summer, Emily plans to continue working at Pierce Library and save money for school. Emily also intends to also read, write, and wakeboard as often as possible!

Asked what has she learned about herself in recent months, Emily responded with “I have learned a lot about myself  due to everything that has gone on in the world. I’m the kind of person who loves a schedule and a solid plan– that was thrown out the window this term, so I had to be willing to readjust in order to remain successful with my studies.”

In closing, Emily would like to again thank Soroptimist International of La Grande for this scholarship, saying: “it is inspiring to be a part of such an amazing organization that encourages women and girls to succeed.”

Summer Salute

(Technically summer does not commence for another nineteen days, but let’s go ahead and get this party started!) Three cheers for members celebrating SILG anniversaries this summer!

Peggy Anthony – 2016

Tori Gandy – 2005

Jacque Harvey – 2014

Vicky Hart – 2017

Shayla Hewitt – 2015

Mary Horn – 2016

Sam LeBold – 2016

Mara Kalat – 2019

Maria Moulton – 2015

Angie Neill – 2018

Teresa Penninger – 1995

Teresa Roberts – 2018

Tressa Seydel – 2007

Ashley Walker – 2012

Andrea Waldrop – 2016

Shannon Willmarth – 2013

Pat Wood – 2005


Witten Congrats

 Karley Witten is an SILG scholarship recipient, receiving the 2020-2021 EOU Senior Scholarship.  A senior at Eastern Oregon University, Karley’s hometown is Cove, Oregon.
Karley would like to recognize her family for pushing her to pursue her goals: “I would like to specifically thank my parents, Randy and Julie Witten for raising me to always put my whole heart into everything I do and never give up. I want to thank my brother and sister for teaching me the patience I need for my future career. “
Karley is going into her senior year at EOU, enrolled in the undergraduate elementary education program. This educational path will lead her to become a third grade teacher working with students in a low-socioeconomic school district – with the plan of teaching for a few years and eventually going back to school in pursuit of a doctorate degree in order to become a professor of education at a university.
Why this career? When asked Karley said, “I have always had a heart for children and a passion to serve so becoming an elementary school teacher was a no-brainer for me. I want to help students in a low socioeconomic school district because oftentimes they get passed over and I want to be their advocate and provide them the best education possible.”
This summer Karley plans to work full time to continue to save money to pay for school, and also to work with students either through volunteering or through schooling opportunities as COVID-19 permits.
In the last few months, Karley has learned this about herself: “I have learned how to prioritize my time as well as learning how to be flexible. As school has been moved online I have had to change my school routine and adapt to the online learning platform. I have learned the skill of flexibility as I am participating in an online 2nd grade classroom and I have learned a lot about how to go with the flow.”
“In closing I want to thank SILG in providing me with an opportunity to enjoy my senior year with little financial stress. Providing scholarships to women in our community is an inspiration to many of us, on behalf of myself and all of the other recipients I want to say thank you.”

Madsen Congrats

Sophia Madsen is an SILG scholarship recipient, receiving a 2020-2021 High School Scholarship. A graduate of La Grande High School, Sophia is originally from La Grande and would like to thank her parents, Mark and JoAnna Madsen, for always supporting and encouraging her to do her very best. Sophia would also like to thank Lezlie Wright and Julie Carpenter for assisting her so much on her preparation for life and college after high school.

Sophia’s educational plans include attending Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, in the fall (hopefully on campus and not online), where she will be working towards earning a major in Communication Disorders and a minor in Family Life. After completing her first year of college, Sophia will go on a mission for the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints, and then return to BYU to complete her education.

Asked why this career? Sophia says “I hope to become a Speech Pathologist, specifically with children. I’m excited to pursue this career! I’ve always loved working and spending time with children. I also experienced going to “speech class” when I was younger so I know how much positivity it can add to ones life.”

This summer Sophia will be working at the C&M Country Store in Island City to save as much money as she can to assist in her future plans for college and a mission.

And what has Sophia learned about herself in recent months?  “I have learned that I really enjoy spending time with family and friends, getting out in nature, and staying busy.”

In closing Sophia says that she “would like to thank the Soroptimist International of La Grande club once more for this amazing honor and opportunity.”

Bornstedt Congrats

Josie Bornstedt is an SILG scholarship recipient, receiving a 2020-2021 High School Scholarship. Josie was born and raised in La Grande,  and would like to recognize her amazing family who have shown endless love and support throughout Josie’s life. Josie said “They hold a very special place in my heart.”

As a La Grande High School graduate of the class of 2020, Josie graduated with honors and also completed an art pathway. She is excited to be attending Eastern Oregon University in the fall and “knows that many doors and opportunities will be opened to me and I am ready to embrace all of it!”

When asked about her future educational path and career, Josie responded with: “I am very passionate about graphic design. While attending EOU I’ll be majoring in Art and seeking other internships and opportunities to help me develop the necessary skills to be a graphic designer. I want to pursue graphic design because of the impact I know it can make on my community and beyond. Art speaks to people in many different ways and there is a growing demand for graphic designers. Also, I’m interested in this occupation because of the variety and flexibility this field can offer me.”

This summer Josie will be working in the kitchen at Embers Brewhouse & Pub in Joseph, Oregon, also spending time outdoors rafting, hiking, paddle-boarding, seeing loved ones, friends, and riding horses.

What has Josie learned about herself in recent months?  “I’ve learned that I care about people so much and miss gathering as a community. I believe that my heart is being shaped during this time to be more present in the moment, more grateful, and living the life the way I was created to live- full of love and purpose.”

In closing, Josie is extremely grateful to receive this SILG scholarship and said “the community of Union County has and always will be very special to me. The phenomenal support, generosity, and kindness is inspiring to me and I’m looking forward to continuing my education at Eastern Oregon University!”