About SILG

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On average, SILG hosts a membership of 45 (fantastic) local women interested in bettering the lives of women and girls in Union County, thereby benefiting families and our entire community. Members come from all walks of life, representing a wide range of ages, life experiences and unique perspectives. Our club members strive to be supportive of not only the women and girls in our community, but also of our fellow club members and their families.

If you currently live in Union County, you might already be familiar with some of our larger programs: The Festival of Trees, June Breakfast in the Park, or the Boots & Socks program. Additionally, SILG provides multiple educational scholarships to women and girls in our region. And, the Community Grants program distributes more than $25,000 annually in funding to approximately a dozen local organizations that support women and girls in our area.

SILG members are proactive and busy, women-on-the-go, wives, mothers, retirees and business owners…all looking to make this community a better place for women and girls. If you are interested in the same, consider getting involved!

*Full disclosure: men may also become Soroptimists. At this time, SILG does not have any men as members, but we do have a number of “Soroptimisters” who support our club activities. And we appreciate them!

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