Dream It, Be It, Committee Update

Dream It, Be It Committee Update – September 2018

Committee Members: Fam Moulton, Kristi Puckett, Maria Moulton, Jessica Cromer, Peggy Anthony, Angie Neill, Jessica Bingamon, Brittany Pryce

This committee focuses on a program targeting girls between the ages of 14-18 in secondary schools that face obstacles to their future success by providing access to professional role models, career education, and resources to be empowered to pursue their career goals and reach their full potential.

We’ve had 2 successful meetings so far. We will continue to have bi-wkly Wed. meetings at Denny’s at noon to ensure we are efficient in our planning process. We’re taking notes and saving any info we gather along the way from beginning to end so, this program can be repeated in many years to come.

We will host a One Day Conference in the Spring of 2019. Location, date and time will be determined soon. Date and time will be based around school schedules and sports activities. Location will be based upon our budget. We have discussed possibly EOU, LHS or LMS would allow space for this event. This One Day Conference will include professional role models who will speak and inspire, hands on activities, tools that will teach them how to work as a team, skills they’ll be able to use towards their future dreams, projects they can take back home to use as a reminder of their goals and resources to help balance stress.

We are currently seeking at least 8-12 girls that will participate in the planning process. This will allow us to engage better with these girls, get insight that we may miss otherwise and seek girls that we may miss out on. We are reaching out to local school districts for girls. We are in the process of creating gift baskets as a “thank you” for these girls who choose to help us with the planning process. Donations are welcome! Please let us know if you know of any girls that would be a good fit for this program. We are prepared with forms that the girls and their guardians will need to fill out before confirming participation.

We are working on raising money and applying for grants to help assist with the success of this program.