Embracing Leadership

As Soroptimists we are considered leaders in our community, and very often asked to take on leadership roles within our club. Many of our members are leaders at work, either formally or informally. “Best for women” in many cases leads to advocacy and support of causes, encouragement and articulation of values – traits of many a great leader!

In December 2018, a Forbes article indicated: The percentage of women holding leadership positions in government, education and business has grown steadily in the past couple of decades, but still lags far behind the percentage of such roles held by men. Many women still face a difficult climb to reach leadership status in their companies, and once there, some may struggle to overcome the preconceptions of colleagues and staff or a desire to prove themselves through perfection.

To be effective as leaders, women must embrace their unique capabilities and strengths, as well as be willing to draw on the tools and resources that any leader needs from time to time. 

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