First Meeting Highlights

SILG Meetings are happening! Many committees are gearing up for this club year. SILG Directories are available at club meetings and some committee meetings, contact President Tori for assistance. A full meeting schedule of topics will be out soon.

  • Boots & Socks needs inventory. Pat Wood is chairing and will be calling a committee meeting soon to put this fall’s project together.
  • If you have an ides for a club meeting, please let Shayla, Tressa or Shannon know.
  • Festival of Trees committee is meeting, next meeting on September 26th, noon at Dennys. The colors this year are white and red.
  • Scholarship committee is meeting and Shirley reported that SILG recipients are gearing up for fall term. SILG gave out a record amount in scholarship funds from Festival last year, more than $20,000!
  • Recruitment & Retention Committee inducted newest member, Vicky Hart. The Meetings Committee and this committee will work together on a social event to kick off our club year.