Free Workshop Opportunity

Is it interesting? Is it club development? Is it professional development? What if it’s all three? SCORE!  Our very own Shayla Hewitt will be presenting an interactive workshop at SILG meetings this week and next – September 21st and September 28th.  Plan to attend for optimal exposure to greatness and knowledge. Please feel free to bring a friend or coworker that may be interested, too!
 Appreciation in the Workplace:
In today’s workplace it is crucial for employees to feel valued. But that’s a challenge when you and your employees communicate appreciation differently. In this two part series we will go over:
  • The core concepts of appreciation and encouragement, their importance in workplace relationships, and identify the negative results that can occur when team members do not feel valued or appreciated.
  • Describe each of the five languages of appreciation and what they look like in daily work life, and affirm the core components for appreciation to be communicated effectively.