Marketing Committee Update


Members: Tressa Seydel, Shayla Hewitt, Andrea Waldrop, Rebecca Loman, Peggy Anthony

The Marketing Committee supports the overall promotion of the club: brochure, application, website/blog, and Facebook. In honor of the new “Being a Soroptimist is as Easy as 1-2-3!” the brochure was turned into a half-sheet card (kind of like a recipe card) by Rebecca and Peggy and it looks great! The application was slightly revised and is now available for download and is fillable.

In order to support the change to the meeting structure, most posts and blog entries will highlight the 1-2-3- theme this year.  Marketing Committee members also divvied up blog topics for regular posting entries. If club committees need any additional support marketing events or activities, they can reach out to anyone on the committee.