New Member Profile

Meet New SILG Member…Tayde McAndie

My hometown is… La Grande, Oregon

What do you want other members to know most about you? I am a woman of God who loves her family, her community and seeks to be the best version of herself (although I am still learning to do that 🙂 ). I love the mission of Soroptimist International – to help women improve their lives, situations and opportunities.

#1 reason you joined SILG: I believe in the Soroptimist mission and believe it is a great opportunity to serve others, meet wonderful women and have the opportunity to network.

Snack you always have in your desk/purse: Gluten-free protein bar!

What did you want to be when you were growing up? A novelist.

Future life goals? Having a family and providing a quality life for them in which they have fulfillment, opportunities, good health, and most of all, good faith and character. Shared career goals with my husband include being owners of at least one business and earning to live out a quality lifestyle. Personal goals includes becoming a Creative Designer and growing/expanding my musical success.

Best vacation yet? Future dream vacation? I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit through my childhood and even in college I have embarked on foreign tours with two different choirs: the first was with Oregon Ambassadors of Music, touring seven European countries. The second was with the EOU Chamber Choir in which I got to tour around the country of China.

I have several dream vacations, one which includes finally going to New York City – I still have never been! My husband and I also want to do a road trip around the United States. I also would like to go back to Europe.

Anything else exciting, interesting or unusual to add? I like to dance. I have two puppies. Jazz music is my favorite.

Welcome to SILG, Tayde!