NWR Conference Spotlight by Andrea

Membership Mojo – This was an interesting session in that the room was filled with about 65 to 75 members. The group leaders started the meeting by asking the attendees to move into smaller groups by age – the first group were those members who were 39 years old or younger (4). The next group was 40-59 years old (about 15), and the last group was 60 years or older (a huge majority).

Each group was asked to brainstorm on the following questions.

  1. Why are you a Soroptimist International member?
  2. What do you find challenging in your club?
  3. What do you find engaging about your club?

The groups then reported back. It was very interesting to see what members had to say. I would say that it is safe to say other clubs struggle with the generation gap more than ours does. As a member of the Recruitment and Retention Committee, I would like to do some form of this activity to see if we in fact have some of these same issues. It was a good session.