October 19 Meeting Highlights

Tori and Di stepped up and lead club yesterday in a thoughtful, valuable activity and discussion yesterday, when our guest speaker had an emergency and could not join us. This is the strength of our club – together, making it happen! We learned about Conference highlights, met a potential new member, and did an activity around respect and inclusion in the SIA club setting. It was a great activity and subsequent conversation – thank you to all who participated and shared, including Marilyn, Melinda, Brittany, Shayla R., Rebecca, Vicky, Tressa and Jacque.

Tori and Di also shared some highlights from conference last weekend (Kristi and Shannon also attended, but couldn’t get to club). In a related topic, President Tori’s installation theme was “How Does Our SILG Garden Grow?” President Tori is doing an awesome job at nurturing our club along this year (aided by her trusty board, committee chairs, and all of the SILG membership). Conference attendees noted that once again, they were proud of our club’s accomplishments and inclusiveness when they represented SILG at conference last weekend. Remember to share your own sunshine and connect with club members on a regular basis – it’s healthy for you, AND for our club!