Jean McKenzie Woman of the Year Award

Jean McKenzie Award

Nominations are accepted from Soroptimist members near the end of each club year.

This award was established in 1993 to honor Jean McKenzie, a Soroptimist Life Member and long-time community leader. Her Soroptimist pin was mounted on a plaque to be given each year to an outstanding Soroptimist.

In 2001, Soroptimist of La Grande combined the Jean McKenzie Award with the Soroptimist Woman of the Year Award honoring one Soroptimist with the “Jean McKenzie Woman of the Year” traveling plaque.

Once this award is open for nominations, Soroptimist members are encouraged to nominate another member who is an outstanding volunteer in Union County, who cares about our area and tries to “Make a Difference” – a member who has demonstrated community involvement and helping others beyond the club requirement for members.  Refer to the list below for all of the amazing past recipients we have had the honor of working with!

Use this link to find out more about Jean:  JM Biography info

Jean McKenzie Woman of the Year Award – Past Recipients (partial list)

Patricia Cutright     2001-2002

Peggy Delaney     2002-2003

Judy Rygg   2003-2004

Marlene Perkins   2004-2005

Gwenn Houtz     2005-2006

Patty Gooderham     2006-2007

Kristi Puckett    2007-2008

Pat Wood    2008-2009

Gerry Palmer    2009-2010

Shirley Roberts    2010-2011

Di Lyn Larsen-Hill     2011-2012

Julie Hickerson     2012-2013

Rebecca Loman     2013-2014

Melinda Wells    2014-2015

Jacque Harvey 2015-2016

Tressa Seydel 2016-2017

Shannon Willmarth 2017-2018

Fam Moulton 2018-2019

Andrea Waldrop 2020-2021

Patty Gooderham 2021-2022