Panel of Awesomeness

Be prepared to work hard…Schedule calendar time for YOU…Learn how to say no. These were just a few of the gems shared at today’s club meeting by panelists Mary Lou, Tori and Mary, as they responded to a series of thought-provoking questions about being a woman in our community, in business and as a community leader. Club members present included Shayla H., Jacque, Tressa, Shayla R., Andrea, Di, Marilyn, and Shannon, all of whom also participated by adding their perspectives to some of the questions. We were fortunate to have two guests, Mika and Amber, who also contributed their experiences. It was a phenomenal discussion, and an opportunity to get to know club members and guests better, as well as share tips and some quite practical advice for success as women leaders, professionals, partners and supportive friends. A huge thank you to our panelists – we may need to do this again, there were many questions we didn’t get to and the discussion and shared energy was really a great thing! Fabulous way to spend lunchtime.