Service Club Luncheon Recap

It’s always amazing to me to calculate all of the hundreds of volunteer hours and heartfelt devotion showered on our community by members of the various service organizations such as Soroptimists, Lions and Rotarians.

Once a year we congregate at the annual Rotary Christmas  luncheon. And even though most of us know each other in one capacity or another, it’s fantastic to feel the energy and razor-sharp focus of volunteerism in that collective group.

This year we came together at Hoke Center on the EOU campus for a great lunch and tons of wonderful fellowship. In years past we have simply stood and introduced ourselves, but this year we were allotted two minutes to discuss our Club’s accomplishments and contributions to our community.

Rather disappointing was the fact that there were only two of us Soroptimists present – myself and Patty Gooderham and Soroptimister Mike Gooderham. Patty and I mentally arm wrestled to see who would make our presentation, and I lost.

Naturally, I bragged about our 30th Annual Festival of Trees and that fact that it was a record-breaker, and how we will support 16 local organizations and programs through our net proceeds. I bragged about the Raise the Paddle fundraiser, and the fact that we overshot our goal of $5,000 by another $11,000 so there would be more scholarships awarded.

John Howard of the Lions Club spoke of our two clubs’ long-time partnerships on Boots and Socks and Lions Coats.

Rotarian President Jeff Crews recognized  all of us for our  outstanding work on behalf of this community, and encouraged us all to work together and not wait until another year passes to get together. Maybe there’s a joint project out there calling all of us to join forces – what do you think?

We were entertained by the La Grande High School choir, and it made me very proud to give them our Club’s $100 check. They deserve it.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Submitted by Di Lyn Larsen-Hill

Proud La Grande Soroptimist  since 1983

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