The Benefits of Involvement

From Jacque Harvey, SILGer of almost 2 years…Sitting on the board is an invaluable experience for understanding how SILG is run, what challenges we face and how we overcome those challenges.  I’ve never been a part of an organization, let alone sat on a board, but in doing this I’ve overcome a lot of insecurities about being involved.  I ask a lot of questions.  If you don’t ask, you may never know the answer.  And, you’re not always the only one wondering.  SILG members are genuine, caring, and dedicated to teaching from their experiences and time with the organization. Knowledge of the organization comes through attending board meetings where you: listen, ask thoughtful questions, and occasionally offer advice and volunteer time/experience.  It also exposes you to how people at very different levels think and how they approach different issues.  I care deeply about and personally identify with the mission of SILG. I’m also very interested in how the organization runs, and enjoy learning and contributing to it. The beauty of serving on a board is hands-on experience and insight into the organization without having to actually be in charge of the organization!

If you are interested in serving SILG as a board member or Club Secretary, please contact Tori, Tressa or Di today!